Martes, Mayo 24, 2011


Please read this blog for you to know basic information about me and my services. Make sure to read this before you contact me.


About me:

Name:     David

Age:        22

Height:    5'5"

Built:       chubby but i do have some muscles but no abs.

Weight:   154 lbs.

Color:     moreno / dark

Location: Within METRO MANILA. Many are curious to know my location but i want to keep it private. I just live here in metro manila, that's all i can say about my location. 

Why callboy service: 

This is only a part-time job. I am still looking for a better job. Right now, while waiting for bigger job opportunities, I am very much available on this job. I'm just waiting for you! 

Service Fee: Php 1000.00 ONLY (UNLIMITED as in walang limit sa oras)

  • Services... hmmm.... If you're kinda curious on this part, text me so i can explain.
  • MASSAGE, hmm.... i know nothing about massage but i can try it. Goodluck! haha ;)
  • Yeah, i can also be a baby-maker if you badly needed a baby. 
  • If you want companionship, I am also here. 
  • You can bring me to any occassion like birthday, wedding, out of town, outing, gimik sa mga club/bar, graduation, christmas, new  year, anything. Escort service kumbaga with matching bed service.

    Things you might need to know
    • I want to emphasize the date when i first posted my service, it was May 14, 2011.
    • You will not see my face here.I want to keep myself private. In case na magkita tayo at hindi ninyo ako type, give me 300 pesos para sa load at pamasahe ko pauwi.
    • About the place or the venue, you take care of it. You can bring me anywhere  like hotel or even to your house or condo unit, it's okay.
    • Just TEXT me, my phone is only good for texting. Let me know where did you get my number so i would know. 
    • Give me 2-3 hours for travel time so tell me the time and place as early as possible.
    • I prefer places WITHIN METRO MANILA AREA.  
    • You can bring me to your province or outside metro manila but there will be an extra charge depending on your location.


      I prefer to hide my face to keep myself private. My clients love my chest and arms by the way. Baka magustuhan nyo rin. Others love to leave kiss mark on my chest, so maybe, you would want it too.. 

      Note: Please read this blog.

      Should there be inquiries and clarifications, here's my contact information.